Minutes from annual council meeting 4th May 2021

Holland Fen with Brothertoft Parish Council meeting held remotely
Via Zoom on Tuesday 4th May 2021 at 7:00pm.

In Attendance: with Councillor Nigel Early in the Chair, there were present Councillors: David Ball, Angela Cannon, Peter Robinson, Richard Leggott and Mark Leggott. 
Clerk – Miss Sarah Kulwicki
County Councillor – Michael Brookes 
District Councillor – George Cornah 

Absent: Cllrs P. Anderson, B. Holden, County councillor M. Brookes and Borough councillor Chelcei Trafford.  

The chairman declared the meeting open at 7:00 pm 

1. Election of Chairman - signing of declaration of acceptance of office.
councillor Mark Leggott  Proposed councillor Nigel Early Seconded by councillor Robinson and Resolved by all that Councillor Early be elected as Chairman for 2021-2022. There were no other nominations.

2. Election of Vice Chairman - signing of declaration of acceptance of office.
Councillor Robinson Proposed councillor Mark Leggott Seconded by councillor Early and Resolved by all that Councillor M. Leggott be elected as Vice- Chairman for 2021-2022. 
There were no other nominations.

3. Apologies for absence – Apologies have been received from county councillor M. Brookes. 

4. Declarations of interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act – There were one. 

5. The notes from the annual meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 (attached) to be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman
It was:-
Proposed by Councillor Ball and Seconded by Councillor M. Leggott and Resolved by all that the notes from 2nd March 2021 are approved as minutes and can be signed by the Chairman. 

6. Matters arising.. 
a) The clerk was asked to contact the PCSO about the speeding at Langrick Bridge as it is still an issue and a resolution needs to be found. 
b) The clerk was asked to contact the Borough councillors about what kind of cabins will be on site at Boston west golf centre as they are currently selling static caravans with cladding on and the council are concerned that these aren’t what was originally proposed. The council would also like to report Cannons cottage to see if there is an application in place there at the moment as there is an extension currently being built on site. 
c) Councillor M. Leggott asked for an update on the enforcement issue at Chapel Hill. The clerk has had no updates since the original report. 

7. To approve payment of accounts: -  
a) Holland Fen/ chapel hill and amber hill Churchyard - £225.00 (PAID)
b) Holland Fen village Hall - £18.00 from March 2020 (PAID) 
It was:-
Proposed by Councillor M. Leggott and Seconded by Councillor A. Cannon and RESOLVED by all that the above payments are approved.

It was:-
Proposed by Councillor M. Leggott and Seconded by Councillor A. Cannon and RESOLVED by all that the internal audit be carried out by M. Hird.   

8. To note general correspondence – This is all done via email between meetings. 

9. To note all planning applications – Nothing new to discuss. 

10. Highways matters – Any problems to report
a) Councillor R. Leggott reported the potholes and general road condition of Kirton Drove. 
b) Councillor Ball reported some fly tipping on punchbowl lane again.
c) Councillor Cannon informed the council that she has started litter picking punchbowl lane along with others in the community. They have collect a lot of the rubbish and will dispose of it but there is a serious issue with litter along this road, as fast as they are picking it up it comes back. 
d) Councillor R. Leggott asked the clerk if she could send a thank you to Wyberton Wombles as a member was litter picking in the parish.  
e) Councillor Robinson asked the clerk to report the overflowing litter bin outside Brothertoft village hall. 
f) Councillor Robinson asked the clerk to report bollards on bridge near bailey bridge farm. 
g) Councillor R. Leggott asked if the council could email the borough councillors and give some feedback on the new arrangements for running ELDC and BB. Some services have been suffering since the merge of the council and is the parish council don’t make them aware of the issue then nothing can be fixed. The council was in full agreement. 

11. To receive reports from representatives of outside bodies or local organisations
a) County Councillor – Michael Brookes gave his report to councillor R. Leggott as he was unable to attend tonight due to internet issues. Councillor Leggott told the council that NFFB is going to be closed for repairs but councillor Brookes has told them to avoid August as this is when the road is at its busiest. Councillor Brookes also wanted the council to know that the closure of Langrick bridge on Sunday was not as successful as needed as the team scheduled to do the works where called out on Saturday night for gritting. 
b) Borough Councillor – Chelcei Trafford was not present and no report given. George Cornhan told the council that he has the no littering signs requested which he will drop off to the litter picking team on punchbowl lane. 
c) Police – not present. 
12. Date of next meeting –Tuesday 6th July 2021, at 7:30 pm in holland fen village hall.  The council will also hold the Annual parish meeting at 7:00pm, due to the restrictions in place the council are unable to safely hold the meeting in May.

13. Any other matters for inclusion on the next agenda – none. 

The meeting closed at 8:23pm 

Signed by Chairman:………………………..0022.06.21