Minutes from 5th January 2021

Holland Fen with Brothertoft Parish Council meeting held remotely
Via Zoom on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 7:00pm.

In Attendance: with Councillor Nigel Early in the Chair, there were present Councillors: David Ball and Mark Leggott. 
Clerk – Miss Sarah Kulwicki
County Councillor – Michael Brookes 
District Councillor – George Cornah 

Absent: Cllrs, R. Leggott, P. Robinson, A. Dring, A. Cannon, P. Anderson, B. Holden and District councillor Chelcei Sharman. 

The chairman declared the meeting open at 7:00 pm 

1. Chairman’s remarks – The chairman welcomed all present and thanked them for coming. 

2. Apologies for absence  - Apologies received and accepted from councillor R. Leggott and District councillor Chelcei Sharman. 

3. Declarations of interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act – There were none. 

4. The notes from the meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 25th August 2020 (attached) to be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman
It was:- 
Proposed by councillor Ball and Seconded by Councillor M. Leggott and Resolved by all that the notes from 25th August be approved as minutes and signed by the chairman. 

5. Matters arising – None 

6. To discuss and confirm the budget and precept for 2021-2022 – See attached budget
It was:-
Proposed by Councillor N Early and Seconded by Councillor D. Ball and Resolved by all that budget be approved (see attached) and a precept of £3,250.00 be applied for. 

7. To approve payment of accounts: -  
a) To consider a donation for the Church Yard Maintenance Holland Fen/ chapel hill and Amber hill  - No requested received.
8. To note general correspondence – The clerk informed the council that this is all done via email. 

9. To note all planning applications – There are no recent applications. District councillor George Cornah was asked to see if he could find out if there are any conditions in place for Boston west Golf centres Log cabin, planning application. He was also asked if he could find out if an application for a camp site at Gill end had been applied for. He will report back to the clerk. 

10. Highways matters – Any problems to report

a) County Councillor M. Brookes reported that the hedge on Dovecote lane had been investigated and the council was updated via email from Highways. The clerk was asked to write a letter to the land owner to see if they will consider cutting back the hedge. 
b) County Councillor M. Brookes told the council that the chevrons outside Brothertoft village hall have been replaced. 
c) County Councillor M. Brookes told the council that a job has been raised on NFFB for more patching work between River Lodge and Parsons Drove for issuing and programming when highways have the capacity to do it. 
d) County councillor M. Brookes told the council that a job had been raised for cutting back the trees on NFFB. Councillor Ball confirmed that this has been done. 
e) Councillor Early asked the clerk to report the pot holes in Kirton Fen. 
f) Councillor M. Leggott told the council that he has half a bag of salt at his yard if the grit bins need topping up.  

11. To receive reports from representatives of outside bodies or local organisations
a) County Councillor – Michael Brookes updated the council in highways. He also told the council  that there is a resident panel which you can join in order to have your say on local services. 
b) Borough Councillor – George Cornah didn’t have anything to update the council on but the is going to chase some issues for the council and report back to the clerk. 
c) Police – Not present, no report given. 
12. Date of next meeting –Tuesday 2nd March 2020, This meeting will commence at 7:00 p.m. at Holland Fen village Hall or via Zoom depending what government guidelines allow. 

13. Any other matters for inclusion on the next agenda
a) Councillor M. Leggott asked councillor Brookes if the county council had started gritting yet as he has noticed their has been a few accident. Councillor Brookes informed him that the gritters are out. 

The meeting closed at 7:38pm 
Signed by Chairman:………………………    0002.03.2021