Minutes from 2nd March 2021

Holland Fen with Brothertoft Parish Council meeting held remotely
Via Zoom on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 7:00pm.

In Attendance: with Councillor Nigel Early in the Chair, there were present Councillors: David Ball, Angela Cannon, Richard Leggott and Mark Leggott. 
Clerk – Miss Sarah Kulwicki
County Councillor – Michael Brookes 
District Councillor – George Cornah 

Absent: Cllrs P. Robinson, A. Dring, P. Anderson, B. Holden and District councillor Chelcei Trafford.  

The chairman declared the meeting open at 7:00 pm 

1. Chairman’s remarks – The chairman welcomed all present. 

2. Apologies for absence – Apologies received and accepted from councillor Robinson and district councillor Chelcei Trafford.
3. Declarations of interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act – There were none. 

4. The notes from the meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 5th January 2021 (attached) to be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman
It was:- 
Proposed by councillor Ball and Seconded by Councillor M. Leggott and Resolved by all that the notes from 5th January be approved as minutes and signed by the chairman. 

5. Matters arising – There were none. 

6. To approve payment of accounts: -  
a) LALC – annual subs - £223.40 (PAID) 
b) Sarah Kulwicki – paid ½ yearly & PAYE- £505.00 
It was:- 
Proposed by councillor Ball and Seconded by Councillor M. Leggott and Resolved by all that the above payment be approved and duly paid. 

c) To consider a donation to LIVES 
It was:- 
Proposed by councillor M. Leggott and Seconded by Councillor A. Cannon and Resolved that a donation of £100.00 be given to LIVES.  Councillor R. Leggott was against this proposal. 

7. To note general correspondence – The clerk told the council that all correspondence is sent via email between meetings. 

8. To note all planning applications – Councillor Early asked the district councillor if there are any conditions in place for Boston West Golf course holiday lodges. He confirmed that there is and they are all available to view on Boston Borough website. The council also asked about the campsite at Gill end. This has been reported to a planning officer who will update the council accordingly. 
9. Highways matters 
a) County councillor Brookes told that council that a major patching scheme (£250,000) is planned for  North Fourty Foot bank in the next financial year. 
b) Councillor Early reported a pot hole opposite the village hall, councillor Ball tod the council that he had already reports it via fix my street. 
c) The clerk was asked to report the caravan site at chapel hill as it should be closed and there has been a lot of activity there. 
d) Councillor M. Leggott reported the pot holes in Kirton Drove as they have not been filled. 

10. Langrick Bridge speeding – Councillor Ball reported the speeding over Langrick Bridge. He also told the council that he had been getting a lot of abuse when telling vehicles to slow down particularly HGV drivers. The clerk was asked to report these issues to CSW and Lincs road safety partnership and see if there is anything they can do. The clerk was also asked to write to local companies to see if they can instruct their drivers to slow down. 

11. To receive reports from representatives of outside bodies or local organisations
a) County Councillor – Michael Brookes told the council that the household waste and recycling centre is now accepting all waste, visitors still need to book a slot but you can now dispose of all your rubbish in one journey. He told the council that council tax will be going up by 1.99%, he told the council it could of gone up by another 3% with the adult and social care element but they county council have tried to keep it down. 
b) Borough Councillor –George Cornhan told the council that he had notice fly tipping has been getting worse in the local area this is due to the refuse team being hit by COVID-19 which took staff down to 20%. The refuse team are doing as much as they can now to try and get caught up so if you see any fly tipping in the area then please report it. 
c) Police not present no report given.           
12. Date of next meeting –Tuesday 4th May 2021, this will be the annual council meeting. The annual parish meeting awaits confirmation as to when it can be held. (COVID-19 restrictions) 

13. Any other matters for inclusion on the next agenda – There were none. 

The meeting closed at 7:45pm 

Signed by chairman: …………………….0004.05.2021