Minutes from 3rd March 2020

Holland Fen with Brothertoft Parish Council meeting held at

Holland Fen Village Hall on Tuesday 3rdMarch 2020 at 7:00pm.


In Attendance: with Councillor Peter Robinson in the Chair, there were present Councillors: David Ball, Angela Cannon, Mark Leggott, Richard Leggott and Nigel Early. 

Clerk – Miss Sarah Kulwicki

County Councillor – Michael Brookes

There were 2 members of public present.


Public Forum:

A member of the public asked for an update on the deer crossing signs. The clerk informed her she has spoken with highways about the locations of the signs but nothing has been approved or confirmed. A member of public asked the council if they knew anything about the recent sign going up in regards to Viking Link.   Councillor Robinson informed them that works are scheduled to start similar to those that are near Langrick Bridge but as for when, it is unknown. A member of public asked for an update on Boston West planning application, the clerk informed them she has spoken with Boston Borough and no decisions have been made. Councillor Brooks told them this can be a lengthy process and he is aware that the county council have asked for an extension until 6th March to submit their comments. Councillor Robinson told the council that Matt Warman is having a surgery at Holland Fen Village Hall on the 13th March. The parish council were only informed once they asked for confirmation he would be attending. If anyone would like to make an appointment his contact details are available online.


The chairman declared the meeting open at 7:00 pm


  1. Chairman’s remarks – None.


  1. Apologies for absence – Apologies received and accepted from councillors Holden and Anderson. Nothing received from District Councillor Chelcei Sharman and District Councillor George Cornhan.


  1. Declarations of interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act - Councillors Richard Leggott and Mark Leggott declared an interest on a planning application for Barley Sheaf ref: B/20/0049.


  1. The notes from the meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 7th January 2020 (attached) to be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman

Proposed by Councillor D Ball and Seconded by Councillor N. Early and Resolved that the notes of the above meeting be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman.


  1. The notes from the extraordinary meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 4th February 2020 (attached) to be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman

Proposed by Councillor M. Leggott and Seconded by Councillor A. Cannon and Resolved that the notes of the above meeting be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Any Matters arising..
    1. Councillor Ball reported that the tarmac on the north side outside the entrance to the garage is still a problem. He has reported it via fix my street and so has the clerk.



  1. To approve payment of accounts: - 
    1. Boston Borough Council – Street Lights - £439.80 (paid)
    2. Holland Fen Church Yard – Donation request - £225.00
    3. Brothertoft village Hall Feb 4th- £30.00
    4. Clerks salary 2nd payment - Oct- March (inc tax & PAYE) - £505.00
    5. LALC Annual subs - £224.83
    6. ICO – Data protection - £40.00
    7. Brothertoft Church Yard donation- £225.00

Proposed by Councillor M. Leggott and Seconded by Councillor A. Cannon and Resolved by all that the above payment is approved and be duly paid.


  1. To note general correspondence
    1. The clerk reported that she had received two complaints from an anonymous person  about a breach of a planning application on Holland House Farm. The clerk told the council she had forwarded the complaint to the planning department.
    2. The clerk told the council she had completed the re-declaration of compliance to the pensions regulator.
    3. The clerk also told the council about surgery dates for Matt Warman as he will be at Holland Fen village hall on the 13th March. Posters have been prominently displayed. 


  1. To note all planning applications
  1. Ref: B/19/ 0520 – Boston West Golf Centre Langrick Road – 300 lodges – Council asked for an update on this application but no decision has been made yet.
  2. Ref: B/20/0049 - Land adjacent to Barley Sheaf School House, Main Road, Holland Fen, Lincoln, LN4 4QH – outline planning permission for the erection of a 2-storey detached dwelling. The council had no objections to this application.


  1. Highways matters – Any problems to report
    1. Councillor Early reported that there are overhanging trees on Parsons Lane which require cutting back.
    2. Councillor M. Leggott reported overhanging thorn hedge on Dovecote Lane opposite the farm which the clerk was asked to report.
    3. Councillor Cannon reported a large pot hole outside Linden House. The clerk was asked to report this.
    4. Councillor Ball reported issues with street lighting outside no 10 Langrick Road. This has been repaired but once it rains the light stops working again.
    5. Councillor Early reported issues with Flatters roadways. There is damage to road edges and potholes on this road. The clerk was asked to report.
    6. Councillor M. Leggott reported the general road condition in the area being very poor.


  1. To receive reports from representatives of outside bodies or local organisations
    1. County Councillor – Michael Brookes reported that additional money will be invested in highways maintenance and flooding. There will be 4m spent on additional highways gangs who will carry out additional maintenance across the county including pot hole repairs. In addition more than 2m will go towards extra drainage repairs and new flood-response equipment for Lincolnshire fire and rescue. The council is aiming to become carbon neutral by 2050 and £350,000 has been set aside for this. There will be a 1.5% increase in general council tax with a further 2% increase specifically for adult and social care, giving an overall rise of 3.5%. The government is working on a long term plan for dealing with an ageing population.
    2. Borough Councillor – Chelcei Sharman & George Cornhan not present no report given.
    3. Police – PCSO Neil Williams reported the following crimes in the parish:
  • 27/01/20 Burglary to farm buildings, Main Road, Brothertoft. Large amount of farm machinery/power tools stolen. Filed as undetected
  • 28/01/20 Burglary to dwelling, Punchbowl Lane. Under investigation


  1. Date of next meeting –Tuesday 5th May 2020, This will be the annual parish council meeting and will commence at 7:30 p.m. at Brothertoft Village Hall followed by the annual meeting of the parish council at 8:00 p.m.


  1. Any other matters for inclusion on the next agenda - None


The meeting closed at 8:20pm