Agenda for 25th August 2020

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Holland Fen with Brothertoft Parish Council



You are hereby invited to the annual meeting of Holland Fen with Brothertoft Parish council which will be held at Brothertoft Village Hall, on Tuesday 25th August 2020 at 7.30 pm.

Public and press are welcome to attend. Social distancing measures will be in place.

Fifteen minutes are allocated if needed prior to the business below for members of the public to ask questions or make short statements to the council.

20th August 2020

      S. Kulwicki         Parish clerk

Sarah Kulwicki. 18. Old Boston Road, Coningsby,

Lincoln, LN44SZ Tel: 01526 344615



  1. Election of Chairman - signing of declaration of acceptance of office.
  2. Election of Vice Chairman - signing of declaration of acceptance of office.
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Declarations of interest in accordance with the 2000 Local Government Act
  5. The notes from the annual meeting of the Council held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 (attached) to be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman
  6. Matters arising..
  7. Resolutions approve via email but need to be approved at this council meeting:

Resoltion 1 . Safety Statement - Meetings

That the Parish Council recognises and agrees that no business, meeting, service provision or service delivery of the Authority is of any importance above that of public and personal safety. As such all scheduled public meetings will be cancelled for an initial 4 month period (or as circumstances dictate).


Resolution 2.  Suspension of Standing Orders / Financial Regulations

That the Parish Council gives delegated authority to the Clerk to: suspend any relevant Standing Order or Financial Regulation as necessary to ensure the smooth running and operation (wherever possible) of the parish Council for a period of no longer than 4 months (or as circumstances dictate), with the Clerk to compile and maintain a list of such suspensions and reasons which will be to be presented to a future meeting of the Administration Committee


RESOLUTION 3. Annual Council Meeting / Annual Parish Meeting

That as the cancellation of meetings has a direct impact on the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (scheduled for 05th May 2020), the roles of Chairman and Vice - Chairman will remain the same until a suitable and safe public meeting is called and held. Where any cancellation of meetings has a direct impact on the holding of the Annual Parish Meeting, the Town Council will hold such meeting at a future date. It is noted that whilst the above decisions are contrary to existing legislation (as of 22nd March 2020) the Parish Council has made these decision in order to place public safety at the forefront.


RESOLUTION 4. Orders for Payment

That the Clerk emails information regarding all orders for payment to Councillors.  Councillors are to confirm by email that they agree to the payments.  The cheques will be signed by those elected Members with delegated responsibility for the authorising and signing of payments. These measures are put in place with robust transparency processes to ensure effective business continuation and to minimise impact on local service delivery and local business with ratification by the Parish Council to be made at the earliest and safest opportunity.


  1. Audit of accounts – presentation of accounts – Internal auditor has done checks all cleared for approval of this Council
    1. To confirm and approve the Accounting statements contained in the Annual Return
    2. To approve the annual governance statement in the annual return
  2. To approve payment of accounts: - 
    1. Zurich (PAID) - £144.59
    2. C J Book-keeping/ internal audit (PAID) - £25.00
    3. S- Kulwicki 1st salary payment from April to sept - £475.00
    4. Brothertoft village hall for (Sept 2020) - £20.00
  3. To note general correspondence
  4. To note all planning applications
  5. Highways matters – Any problems to report
  6. To receive reports from representatives of outside bodies or local organisations
    1. County Councillor – Michael Brookes
    2. Borough Councillor – Chelcei Sharman & George Cornhan
    3. Police                
  7. Date of next meeting –Tuesday 3rd November 2020, at 7:30 p.m. at Holland Fen village Hall.
  8. Any other matters for inclusion on the next agenda